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Are you the bride-to-be? The feeling of anxiety and butterflies in the stomach is quite normal. It’s a dream of every girl to hold the hand of his man and walk down the aisle. In this wedding season and we are always busy with pampering our bride and groom wishing them a good and happy life. As we focus more on enhancing the outer glow and beauty, its very important to pay attention to the inner beauty and work towards that as well.


The principle component of the Vata dosha is air, and air can be dry or drying. People with strong Vata dosha often have dehydrated skin, modest pores, tan easily, will tend toward feeling chilly (skin is often cool to the touch), have fine hair & fragile skin. Some people with Vata Dosha experience thinner skin that will easily wrinkle, and blood vessels may be more prominent. Skin may appear to have a grey or white cast. Vata skin types are not prone to acne. Imbalanced Vata skin tends to be dry, flaky, particularly on the temple and around the eyes.

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Our focus here at Neeta Naturals is finding “the beauty within” and implementing the ancient practices of the centuries old Ayurvedic lifestyle.  The incredibly pure and natural properties in our face oils, face masks and other products created in our beauty lab are also part of the holistic beauty that Ayurveda brings to those who practice these ancient principles.

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"I received my products immediately! That was the fastest turnaround time I have seen in a very long time. People will really appreciate the service, specially when they are in need of something right away. I love the guava bliss facemask, with it my skin looks toned"

Perri Polowy
Business development manager, Skin inc.

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