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Abyhanga Massage

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Ancient Ayurvedic practice to help you decrease stress and increase overall vitality and wellbeing.

Abhyanga Massages and Workshops

Abhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic self massage practice using warm oils to nourish our body, mind and spirit. Join Neeta to experience an ancient Ayurvedic self-care practice that promotes total health and vitality!

 We live in rapidly changing and what often feels like stressful times. This stress can build up in our body, creating imblance and affecting our health. Taking time for daily self-care supports us to be in a calm present state of being, it helps us to be more resilient and capable of finding creative solutions, and improves our overall mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Abhyanga is a nurturing practice that anyone can do and feel the immediate benefits.


    Relaxed state-of-mind
    Decreases the effects of aging
    Helps support adrenal balance
    Moisturizes skin
    Lubricates the joints
    Reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone
    Rejuvenates system
    Lymphatic drainage
    Increases blood flow
    Supports overall health and vitality
    Abhyanga is beneficial for everyone
    Abhyanga supports balancing of all DOSHAS
    Vata Dosha it is especially grounding and relaxing;
    Pacifies Pitta and stimulates Kapha


This whole experience will leave you feeling grounded, nourished, and vibrant from the inside out.

The Ancient Art of Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of medicine dating back over 5000 years. Ayurveda, which literally means the knowledge or wisdom of life, is the traditional medicine of India. Over the past decade, its popularity as an alternative or complement to Western Medicine has grown steadily.

 Abhyanga practice restores the balance of the doshas enhancing well-being and longevity. The teachings of Ayurveda embrace the idea of balancing the body and mind through holistic practices, such as organic food choices, herbal remedies, oil therapies (Abhyanga), and yoga. This approach to living is based on understanding how the five elements of Ayurveda are defined within us and in our environment.

About Neeta Singh
Neeta Singh grew up in India; Neeta is an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and the founder of Neeta Naturals Ayurveda. Growing up in India, Abhyanga was part of her normal routine. When Neeta moved to the Rogue Valley in 2003 she continued her Ayurveda practices as the foundation of her health and well-being. Neeta returns to India at least once a year to deepen her knowledge of Ayurveda. She has completed many traninings and certifications in training in Kerala, India in Panchkarma, Marma massage, Pulse diagbosed and making natural skincare for different skin conditions. Her formulations has helped many people recovered from bad skin allergies and conditions.

If you have questions about the Abhyanga Massage please contact Neeta at
Come experience a new technique of self-care, enjoy amazing oils, & practice Abhyanga

Abhyanga massage is for everyone who is hungry to bring wellness into their daily lifestyle practices. I am here to support your journey!

What to Wear:

Wear a pair of shorts, tank top or sports bra, and have a large towel that you do not mind getting oil on. We will be practicing an Abhyanga routine together. Choose clothing that you are comfortable in and that allows you easy access to legs, arms etc.  Also make sure to have water with you so that you can stay hydrated!

It is recommended to eat at least 2 hours prior to the Abhyanga.


If you are interested in an ABYHYANGA WORKSHOP please contact us for dates and times of the next offering

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