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A beauty update for Covid-19 - Has quarantine made you more confident?

A beauty update for Covid-19 - Has quarantine made you more confident?

Jun 22nd 2020

      Has self-Quarantined made women more comfortable in their own bodies? 

      Most of us are coming out of the self-quarantine/lockdown (for my customers in India) time heavier and hairier but has our new avatar made us feel comfortable with our appearance?

      To celebrate our natural looks and beauty, I posted this question on my Facebook page to see what people thought and the responses I received were amazing.

      Sonja from gold hill Oregon replied, “Must have, Its all I wear these days”

      Shrina, another dear customer and friend from Portland awarded herself for the “couch club 2020 “

      Anna Lisa from Ashland Oregon said “Yeeeeeeeessssss!!!!! Long grey hair don't care! Why is that??”

      I saw one funny meme that had Barbie on one side and Wolverine on the other and it was like, this is me pre and post lockdown.

      Skin Proud via One Poll commissioned a survey and found that almost 40% of those under age 24 have felt less pressure to look a certain way while isolated at home and said they will be confident in embracing their natural look when they come out again from lockdown. Although 81% of the women surveyed wear makeup 4 days a week, 32% say they would confidently share a bare-faced photo, that they look and feel better as they have taken the time during lockdown to focus on self. The feeling of empowerment is ultimate.

      Women self care

      Celebrating our own beauty, we each get to choose what works for us, whether or not that is wearing make-up, removing unwanted hair, doing our hair a certain way or dressing up. No choice makes us better or less – what is important is to do what makes YOU feel good about yourself. There was a point during self-quarantine that I pulled out my thread to remove a few prominent upper lip hairs. (I created a video as well for that, so you use learn how to do threading at home. If you want to learn click here to see that link.) I was comfortable with my eyebrow hair but prefer not to have the “moustache” so I made the choice to remove it. 

      I also really enjoy dressing up for myself. I do this because it makes me feel good not because I feel any outer pressure to do so. Society constantly sends messages, especially to women, that we need to look a specific way in order to be valued but this is just a belief system many of us have bought into. Dressing in whatever makes you feel strong and empowered is what celebrating your own beauty looks like. For me, I love to dress up and will put on my beautiful saree for any occasion. One day during lock down I put on my favorite saree and danced around the house, then I walked down the street, grabbed the garbage can and walked it back to the house. My point here is that is do what is good for you – not what anyone else tells you.

      One of the other practices that I started doing on a regular basis during quarantine was Abhyanga. It is such a deeply nourishing practice that has so many beauty and health benefits. I now offer monthly virtual workshops where you can learn to do this practice for yourself in the safety and privacy of your own home. We meet on ZOOM which makes this class really easy to join in. You can find link here. Abhyanga workshop


      I want to encourages you to share you proud skin moments on social media with the hashtag #celebratingthebeautywithin

      Questions to ask yourself

        Have I grown more confident and comfortable while in lock-down?

      If so why? Is it because we are only in contact with loved ones and do not feel the pressure from work, social networks etc? Or has something deeply shifted in how you really feel about this?

      Will you go back to old ways of being and choices of self-criticism as you move out of quarantine and back into more normal routines?

      It appears from everything I have read and from the feedback I received that women are becoming more comfortable and confident with their natural looks. So I join you in Celebrating the Beauty Within. Keep shining bright from the inside out and if you are looking for a community to celebrate with come join Neeta Naturals on Facebook or Instagram. I look forward to seeing you there!


      Celebrating the Beauty Within

      Natural looks, healthy skin, self-care


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