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Ayurvedic Skin Care

Posted by Neeta Singh on Mar 22nd 2022

Ayurveda is the foundation for wellness internally that helps you look better externally by balancing your whole body and optimizing energy according to your own “dosha” (constitution).

Ayurveda skincare practices are a mind-body approach to better skin. Ayurveda outlines three steps to a beautiful skin which are cleanse, nourish and moisturize. Ayurveda is a practice that nourishes your mind, body and skin.

The goal of Ayurveda is using plant extracts such as herbs, flowers, essential oils, and minerals to cleanse, nourish, moisturize and exfoliate the skin, bringing it back into balance and harmony with nature.

Your skin is a protective barrier between your inner world and the outer world. Ayurvedic skin formulations are often combinations of different types of herbs that offer the benefits of both synergy and balance, so that the final product is potent and highly effective without damaging side effects. The quality of your skin reflects your inner vitality and he

alth. All Neeta Naturals product offerings are made with intentions to heal our bodies inside out.

Ayurveda is rooted in the idea that each of us is born with a complex personal blueprint for optimum health. That blueprint is comprised of three “doshas” or body constitution: Vata, pitta and kapha. Your dosha determines your skin type.

Knowing your dosha can give you valuable clues into how to manage your diet and lifestyle to thrive, as well as what to steer clear of to avoid imbalances that can lead to discomfort or diseases. This can also help customize your skin routine especially when it comes to the use of skin care ingredients. Each dosha has its own characteristics:


The principle component of the Vata dosha is air, and air can be dry or drying. People with strong Vata dosha often have dehydrated skin, modest pores, tan easily, will tend toward feeling chilly (skin is often cool to the touch), have fine hair & fragile skin. Some people with Vata Dosha experience thinner skin that will easily wrinkle, and blood vessels may be more prominent. Skin may appear to have a grey or white cast. Vata skin types are not prone to acne.

Imbalanced Vata skin tends to be dry, flaky, particularly on the temple and around the eyes.

The practice of Abhyanga is essential for a Vata Skin types. Use either sesame oil or Neeta Naturals Eladi oil is wonderful for Vata dosha to massage your skin if possible for 30 minutes, then take a lukewarm bath water to help reduce dryness and flaking.

During hot summer months, dab your skin with raw milk and lukewarm milk during the winter. Dampen a cotton ball with milk and use in gentle circular motions to soften and cleanse the skin, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Face and Body Scrub:Ingredients
Wheat flour or Barley Flour
1 teaspoon Turmeric powder and Sesame oil or
How to use – Make a paste of all the ingredients mentioned and apply all over the face and body and leave it to dry, then take a warm shower or bath and with circular motions wipe away the scrub.

Soap Alternative
A mixture of green lentil flour and milk can be used to cleanse the skin instead of soap.

How to balance Vata

  • Stay Warm
  • Use mild cleansers
  • Keep the skin hydrated. Moisturize immediately after cleansing.
  • Avoid eating raw, uncooked foods.
  • Avoid intake of beans and pulses.
  • Add liberal quantity of ghee and butter in your food.
  • Add sweet, sour and salty tastes in your food.
  • Having regular massages helps to nourish the skin and prevent dryness.
  • Meditation, Pranayam and proper rest are very beneficial for Vata Skin type person


Fire and water form the basis of elements of a Pitta person. Their cheeks become warm and glowing, they can feel the heat and are often lightly freckled, have beauty marks and tan easily.

The Imbalance of Pitta in the skin can cause symptoms such as acne, redness, an oily T zone and broken capillaries.

Face Masks for Pitta skin types-

As the Pitta skin is very a face mask is useful part of skin care routine.

1/4th cup of Fuller’s earth; 1 teaspoon of Red Sandalwood Powder and 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric powder. Or use Neeta Naturals Sandalwood Elixir
Make it into a paste by adding rose water and apply to the face and rinse it with cool water when it dries.

For blemishes and sun spots:

Mix 30 ml of Cucumber juice with a 1 teaspoon of whole milk and a little rose water.Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture and apply to area in need. After an hour rinse the area with lukewarm water

Ways to balance Pitta

  • Avoid hot humid weather.
  • Opt for natural products to minimize irritation and inflammation.
  • Add flavors which balance Pitta in your food i.e. Sweet, Astringent and Bitter
  • Avoid eating hot spicy food, garlic, oily and fried food as they lead to flushing.
  • Avoid drinking coffee, tea, soda and alcohol
  • Add lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet. For example, Cucumber, Pineapple, Kiwi, Pears etc.,
  • Add a dollop of Ghee while eating food.
  • Incorporate herbs such as coriander, cumin, fennel which are cooling to your body.
  • Drink Coconut water which helps balance Pitta aggravation


A person with Kapha constitution will be dominated by Earth and water. The skin type of these individuals will be pale or have a rich olive tone, which is very smooth, soft and lustrous.

When imbalanced Kapha skin becomes sluggish, a little oily and is prone to congestion, breakouts and blackheads. The Kapha skin can retain moisture well, that is the reason why the kapha skin people retain a youthful appearance.

Kapha skin types skin benefit from using a combination of Massage, Steam bath and Body scrubs.

Do Abhyanga (self massage) with Sesame oil or Neeta Naturals Eladi oil.
Slightly warm the oil and use massage the body for 15 minutes or 3 minutes to each body part.
Take warm bath or shower after your massage.

Face & Body Scrub
Make a paste of Triphala Powder + Licorice root powder + Turmeric Powder + Sandalwood powder or just use Neeta naturals pre-made face scrub Ubtan with water and apply it liberally and scrub it off once dry and have a warm water bath.

To reduce the large pores
Mix 1 tablespoon Chickpea flour + a pinch of turmeric + 1 tablespoon of Yogurt + 3 drops of olive oil or use Neeta Naturals Guava bliss ayurvedic face mask
Make a paste of these and apply on the face and rinse off after 15 minutes.

For Kapha dosha, its hightly recommended to drink Neeta naturals Kaya weight balance tea which helps you with your bloating and digestive issues, clears your guts and helps you loos weight.

Ways to balance Kapha

  • Moderate exercise
  • Cleanse your skin before going to bed.
  • Avoid Milk and its products it alleviates the Kapha in the body
  • Add spices to your food. Add more of Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, fenugreek etc., so as to provide heat to the body and boost metabolism.
  • Avoid eating oily foods and fried foods.
  • Avoid iced drinks it puts Agni / digestive fire out.
  • Add a bowl of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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