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Neeta's 6 Easy Step At Home Facial

Neeta's 6 Easy Step At Home Facial

Oct 19th 2020

Follow Neeta's easy 6-step home facial routine to get beautiful healthy skin.

Wash: Wash face and neck with Neeta Naturals Beauty Bar.

Made with all-natural skin soothing and nourishing ingredients, including Organic Coconut, Neem and Olive oil, Mango and Coco Butters. Rich creamy lather and light refreshing scent of pure Peppermint and Lavender essential oils. Click here for Neeta Naturals Beauty Bar
Steam: I use Conair steamer it’s made for fabric steamer which I bought for $40. A regular facial steamer will cost about $200. DIY option is to boil a pot of water. Once the water has boiled turn the heat off and place a large towel over your head and the steam from the pot. With any of these methods, it is very important to use caution to not get too close to the hot steam. You want the warmth and moisture but do not want to burn or irritate your skin. Keep a safe distance away from direct steam. Steam your face for 7-10 minutes, if you feel you are having any issues with breathing take a break and either come back to it or simply shorten the duration of your steam.
Mask: Follow the directions of the mask to mix and apply. Let sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Mixing your masks with yogurt instead of water provides added benefits of hydration and exfoliation.

Guava Bliss (normal to dry skin), Sandalwood Elixir (normal to oily skin), Ubtan (sensitive skin), Neem Glow (acne-prone skin). Click here for Neeta Naturals Masks
Beauty Oils: Pump facial oil on to the tips of your fingers, apply to face then gently massage face and neck for about 10 minutes.

Luxuriously Hydrating (normal to dry skin), Light Luminance (normal to oily skin), Eladi Light (sensitive skin), Kama (acne-prone skin). Click here for Neeta Naturals Beauty Oils
Serum: Use the roller to apply serum to face and neck, then use fingertips to gently pat into skin.

Red Gold Serum & Cana Beauty Drops (for all skin types). Click here for Neeta Naturals Serums

This facial routine takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete, depending on how long you spend with each step. I like to gift my self this time once a week, it not only helps my skin look beautiful, it also gives me time to drop into an inner quiet that nourishes both body and soul.

Facial done! Enjoy your beautiful glowing skin!

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Neeta Naturals Ayruvedic Skin Care - Simple routine for at home facial


"Did absolutely magic for my hyper pigmentation"
I bought Neeta naturals Light Luminance facial oil particularly for the hyper pigmentation around the nose area. I had a amazing experience with this facial oil. After regular use of 3 weeks, it started to lighten the pigmentation. She infuses the saffron into her facial oils which is amazing skin brighteners. I wouldn’t say my pigmentation is completely gone but I see the lightness of it clearly and friends have mentioned it too. I bought an extra bottle for my Mom. Thank you Neeta! ~ Vironica F

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