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Neeta Naturals

Eladi Oil

$39.99 $31.99

~ Beneficial for all skin types especially balancing for dry or irritated skin ~ ~ DOSHAS~ Eladi works best for Vata (dry skin type ruled by space and air) and Kapha (oily skin type ruled by water and earth). Often people with cystic acne have oily yet...

Neeta Naturals

Luxuriously Hydrating Facial Oil

$30.00 $24.00

~ Best for dry & sensitive skin ~ Say goodbye to dry and dehydrated skin with deeply nourishing omega rich facial oils for dry skin. Made with 100% pure, skin beneficial ingredients to increase skin firmness, elasticity and protect moisture levels...

Neeta Naturals

Rose Geranium Toner

$23.97 $19.18

~For Sensitive Skin ~ Balances, hydrates, cools and soothes skin. Rose Geranium Hydrosol organic facial mist has an exquisite aroma that is soft, lightly sweet and floral. This toner makes an excellent choice for most skin types, especially those...

Have Acne? Neeta Naturals has your solution!

Neem Glow Acne Control mask has powerful natural ingredients that will get give you clear, clean, acne free healthy skin.

Reveal your beautiful, bright, blemish free skin with Neem Glow.



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