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Mission & Vision



Neeta Naturals is about creating a healthier and more beautiful world. Everyone’s journey to wellness is a unique one. Only you can truly know what health is to you. We encourage you to selfceare and support your choice of healthy life style.


Neeta Naturals is MANTRA FOR LIFE – to live every day in integrity; creating the best all natural and organic luxury perfumes and body care products.
Neeta Naturals is a LIFESTYLE – our promise is to use only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in all of our products; supporting your choice for a healthy natural lifestyle.
Neeta Naturals is about YOU – empowering you to celebrate the BEAUTY within
Neeta Naturals is about GLOBAL COMMUNITY – we are committed to supporting organizations dedicated to helping create a better world. A percentage of
our profits will go to support our community.


Why us?
We believe in creating a healthier more beautiful planet one person at a time. We offer the highest quality all natural and organic perfumes and ayurvedic skin care products to support your choice for a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Soil to Oil
Neeta Naturals is a small woman owned business, located in Ashland Oregon whose priority is to create healthy, natural and ethical body care products. Our ingredients are 100% pure and natural, GMO free and organic when available. We partner with local farmers for our organic hemp oil (COSMINC CONNCTIONS, PLANTONIX) and source ingredients from suppliers who are also committed to the principles of care, cooperation, quality and purity.  Neeta Naturals products are made with intention, are cruelty free and never contain any parabens, sulfates, phalates, mineral oil or synthetic chemicals.

Why we use natural and organic ingredients?
Natural and organic ingredients support the health and well-being of people and the planet.
Supporting your choice for a natural lifestyle – Many popular perfumes and body care products contain potentially harmful ingredients that are hidden under terms such as  “fragrance”. These ingredients are often known irritants, carcinogens and allergens.1

We disclose all of our product ingredients so that you know what you are putting on your skin and can be confident in your choice.

Supporting a healthy planet
We choose organic ingredients whenever possible to minimize the impact of pollutants affecting our pollinators and our waterways.

The benefits of avoiding pesticides
Trace amounts of every product we use on our skin eventually end up in our waterways, impacting the well-being of all aquatic life.
Pesticides have been shown to be highly toxic to our honey bees and are a contributing factor in the population decline of many pollinators.  Pollinators are essential to creating and maintaining ecosystems that both humans and animals rely on for food and shelter.
By choosing products made from natural and organic ingredients you are helping to protect earth vitality and support a healthy planet for future generations.

  • Our products are proudly made in America
  • No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals
  • No animal testing
  • Environmentally friendly glass container – Shipped in plain, Hassle Free Packaging



We are proud to be a Certified Natural Perfumer and to be honoring the IPF guidelines and standards.



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