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Panchkarma Therapies

1. Kadi Vasti- $90
Duration - 30 minutes
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Kadi Vasti is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache and disorders of the lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylolysis, sciatica, spinal problems, etc.

Kadi Vasti is a part of external oleation therapy in Ayurveda. It is a very safe, non-invasive procedure. I learned these best therapies in my school from Kerala for the betterment of your lower back

Warm oil is used in Kati Vasti; warm oils pacify VATA and Kapha dosha so it reduces pain and stiffness. It lubricates the region and relaxes the surrounding muscles.


2. Sumana – Ayurvedic Stress Relief Therapy - $90
Duration - 30 minutes
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Do you have stress anxiety and insomnia?
Sumana nourishes the brain cells. It’s a very effective treatment and it cures insomnia, stress, tension, and different kind of mental conditions.


3. Udhwarthanam – Ayurvedic Treatment of Weight Loss
(please consult with Neeta regarding this treatment)
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Udwarthanam for Weight Loss



4. Neeta Naturals Nasayam therapy - $90
Duration - 30 minutes
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Do you want to give a boost to your immune system naturally and get relieved from a sinus infection?


5. Shirodhara - $90
Duration - 30 minutes
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Need relief from mental problems/migraines/ hair fall?
This therapy is basically to balance the Tri-Doshas of Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha. This is a detoxification process that ensures positive health and wellness.


6. Greeva Vasti - $90
Duration - 30 minutes
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This treatment is for Metal Disorder and is a classic Ayurvedic therapy that includes pouring warm medicated oil on the forehead in continuous flow. Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment is very effective in promoting sound sleep and reducing stress. The term Shirodhara comes from two words “Shira” meaning head and “Dhara” meaning stream. At Neeta Naturals, we do the Ayurveda treatment for mental disorders. Please consult Neeta before this treatment as it requires preparation.

 Ayurveda offers the best remedies for neck pain and related painful conditions.


Neck pain is a common painful condition of the modern-day. Sitting in front of computers for the whole day, adapting wrong postures while sitting, in Ayurveda neck pain is called Greeva Shula. Try Neeta Naturals Greeva Vasti today.


Greeva Vasti operates through Sweda (sweating) and falls under the Panchakarma strain of treatments. Sweda is performed with the help of warmed medicated oil held in a container and placed at the spot of discomfort on the back of the neck. This helps to relieve pain in the affected areas. After this procedure, Abhyanga (massage) is lightly performed on the patient.


Greeva Vasti is done in the morning if Kapha dosha is dominant (neck stiffness), in the noon if pitta predominates (burning sensations or inflammation), and if vatha is dominant (in case of pain and stiffness), then treatment is performed in the evening. With these factors being considered, Greeva Vasti is generally performed early in the morning for better results.


Greeva vasti alleviates neck and upper back conditions like cervical spondylolysis, stiff neck, pain due to over-strain.


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