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Finding Your Best YOU!

Finding Your Best YOU!

Posted by Neeta Naturals on Feb 22nd 2021

Our focus here at Neeta Naturals is finding "the beauty within" and implementing the ancient practices of the centuries old Ayurvedic lifestyle.  The incredibly pure and natural properties in our face oils, face masks and other products created in our beauty lab are also part of the holistic beauty that Ayurveda brings to those who practice these ancient principles.

Last month's blog focus was about self-love.  Our female team at Neeta Naturals knows all too well the struggles of making "us" a priority.  Whether it's the you you lost or used to love more, or whether it's finding your best you for the very first time, we're here cheering you on all along the way!

When you think of adding bits and pieces or what I like to call "baby steps" to your daily routine, it makes change so much easier.  Drinking water - at least 2 glasses of hot/warm water each morning and evening, adding tongue scrapping to your daily brushing routine, avoiding iced beverages and so on, it makes adopting a new and healthier lifestyle much less daunting.  

Think of this this way:

Vata ~ Space and Air

Pitta ~Fire and Water

Kapha ~ Earth and Water

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means knowledge of life. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine classifies a person’s physical and emotional state of being using the three doshas—vata, kapha, and pitta. The doshas are the energies running throughout our bodies and minds that control all of our physical and mental systems. Everyone has a specific constitution, or Prakruti, that is determined by the proportions of the three doshas at the time of conception. A person’s body contains elements of all three of the doshas with one element usually taking precedence over the other two elements. These energies create the characteristics and particulars that define every person’s individual makeup. Disease and health issues occur when the three doshas are out of balance. The doshas derive from the Five Elements and their related attributes.

I love this and understanding the basic elements of Ayurveda is part of the knowledge that you need on the journey to finding your best YOU!

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Much Love & Light,

Neeta Naturals


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