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Ayurvedic Health meets Light Luminance Facial Oil by Neeta Naturals

Ayurvedic Health meets Light Luminance Facial Oil by Neeta Naturals

Posted by Neeta on Feb 10th 2020

Did you know there are 7 natural pressure points, also known as "marma points" above the brow alone?

Around the tear duct as well, and on top of the cheekbone?

Yes everyone, let's regularly practice the process of lymphatic drainage around the eye area once and for all!

This is the whole philosophy behind Neeta Naturals, and practicing Ayurvedic Health. The focus now talking about lymphatic drainage.

Light Luminance Facial Oil, can be applied on the face, declitae, and of course around the eye area. Made for combination skin, as well as oil prone skin, this luxurious product, along with lymphatic drainage, can help assist in diminishing fluid retention around the eye area.

This exotic product Light Luminance, has the sensual perk of key natural aromatic ingredients; being Sandalwood, Rose Geranium, and soothing Lavender essential oils, to pleasure the senses.

How to incorporate lymphatic drainage and Neeta Naturals products into an Ayurvedic way of life!

Start around and under the tear duct pressure point, moving in an outward motion, gently pressing and gliding toward the temple area.

This is the practice of releasing the lymph, and pushing away fluid retention away from under the eye area. Also focusing around the brow bone, which is part of the orbital bone, to release sinus tension and pressure. The use of Light Luminance, will also make the skin soft and supple. By applying Light Luminance on the face, declitae and eye area, it will help promote elasticity as well. One of the many easy ways to incorporate an Ayurvedic lifestyle into your daily skincare routine is combining lymphatic drainage technique with….. Neeta Naturals Light Luminance.