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Why I created Neeta Naturals

Why I created Neeta Naturals

Feb 26th 2020

Like many of us, as a young person, I developed skin issues. I had acne and hyper-pigmentation which left me feeling insecure and frustrated. I was however fortunate that my family relied on natural remedies and Ayurveda practices to support full-body balance and health. This included using food as medicine, body, mind, spirit practices and the use of natural products.

The Ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors that I went to prescribed botanical rich remedies free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. During this time, I realized something profound – our skin in a sense 'eats'. It absorbs nutrients so it is very important to feed it well with natural wholesome ingredients like antioxidant and omega-rich oils. As described in Ayurvedic tradition, our skin is an outer expression of our inner harmony (both physical and emotional). Imbalances can show up on our skin and often on our faces first.

The inspiration to create Neeta Naturals originated from my early experiences. My product formulations are rooted in this rich Ayurvedic heritage; they are designed to proactively balance and nourish all skin types and specific skin issues with success. I choose to address core imbalances in a most natural, nontoxic way. I bring a missing link in the world of skincare and make it my mission to create products that produce real, visible results - quality, natural products that are safe and effective.

"Neeta Naturals Ayurvedic inspired products are for people like yourself, who are looking for a natural, effective, and simplified skincare routine."

Neeta Naturals is a growing new beauty & wellness line with ultra-pure botanicals and time tested formulas that are designed to work with a spectrum of skin types. We are a small family-owned company with cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO skin and body care products, handcrafted with intention in small batches and made in the USA.

Say goodbye to signs of aging, blemished, oily, irritated or dry skin with age-old Ayurvedic skincare that will not only make your life easier but will also bring forth your inner radiance. Neeta Naturals products will nourish your skin, and leave you with nothing but a beautiful, balanced, natural youthful glow and complexion.

And, of course, I invite you to join me in celebrating the beauty within!

Envisioning you in best of your health and beauty.



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